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Villainy - Puddle Trubble Villainy - Puddle Trubble

Rated 5 / 5 stars

So good! Classic ending! Great to see more of your work :)

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Dark Knight Rises [TS] Dark Knight Rises [TS]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Summed it up so well, great work mate! I love your work and I hope to see more parodies from you... PLEASE! Haha, great animation and comedy :)


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The Nokia Hands Collab The Nokia Hands Collab

Rated 3 / 5 stars

This collab turned out alright, it's not great but it is pretty good for the amount of time we had to work on it I guess. IF there is another though, there are MANY things that could be fixed, like anything though.

SpeedoSausage, RainDash, Zeebrafication and Eddie-John had the better of the parts.

SpeedoSausage: Obviously the best part, no need to say more. 10/10

RainDash: I liked it a lot, also no need to say more. 8/10

Zeebrafication: The best idea in the collab. It wasn't a silly idea and actually made sense. Great animation too. 10/10

Eddie-John: Funny idea, but it was tweened a heap (like mostly everyone's), but the art was really good and it gave me a laugh also haha. 7/10

Alphaman's: Could have had another person shooting back at that hand (still mildly entertaining though). 5.0/10

Mine: Could have been a lot less tweened and I should've come up with a much better idea... mine sucked in other words haha. But what am I doing telling myself what I need to do? 0.5/10

Snowy: The animation itself was great, but shading and neater lines would've made it one of the greater parts. You did a good job at compiling all of the animations, but as I've said, the menu could've been better, but that just takes practice. 6/10 (for your part) 4/10 (menu) 10/10 for keeping the collab going.

VaguelyWonderful: Yours was just like mine, basically tween, only yours had thought gone into it and was pretty. Haha. 5/10

IngloriousUngor: Your's creeped the fuck out of me hahahaha. Neater lines would've been much better, but it was still funny, and creepy. 5/10

Nat29: Yours was very neat, but a bit basic. It was still effective though, the bouncing hands gave me a laugh haha. The slogan didn't make sense though to me. But I still think it was pretty good :). 5.5/10

But as I probably have already mentioned, it wasn't really a collab to test your skills and was pretty limited with ideas (for the average Joe Blow). It's a different collab though and I haven't seen one like it yet, so it is good to test things.

It turned out alright still :)


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SnowyBangers responds:

words of wisdom in the midst

FInd the Cat FInd the Cat

Rated 3 / 5 stars

The animation in this 'game' is pretty good. I would have suggested for next time though to just have an animation of finding the cat rather than making it interactive as it is fairly boring. You would get a better score over in the game section though as this IS a game.

Nice animation though mate, just poor gameplay.


Worst Halloween EVER! Worst Halloween EVER!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Glad you found the parts to finish the collab off this year. Nice work and I hope to see another next year :)

Rubert da Koopa Rubert da Koopa

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very nicely made. I really like the idea of the first person view. Great animation and voice, love to see more!

Lenny The Leper Lenny The Leper

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Classic! Very clear animation with a really funny ending haha!

CopsOnFireWithErections CopsOnFireWithErections

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


It wasn't all that funny... the only thing I laughed at was the voice of Death.

But everything else was great, and the animation was splendid.

Comedy = 3
Animation = 10

But I'll give you a 9 because it was worth the watch.

Finding The Boogeyman Finding The Boogeyman

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice work

The stoyline however could've been expressed a little clearer and the same goes to the voices too. A simple storyline is best to animate, and as you've stated you did make it too hard for yourself to animate, but that is a risk you should be willing to take.

The score that was given is probably a little low in my opinion, but that's my opinion. You shall need not worry about the animation though, it's all about the process of learning.

The animation was good, although in some cases it could've been animated a little better/smoother, but once again, it all comes down to time and experience.

All and all, this was not a bad piece of animation, and you shouldn't pull your self-confidence in animating down because of the rating this animation was given.


Keep it up, you're getting better :)


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JonHunter responds:

Thank you Sketchy =)
You're words are kind, and they motivate me continue. If I could rate reviews more than in one button, this one should have a 10/10.

Why? It's important that we motivate newcommers. And even though this is my (supposed) fourth animation, I still only consider it to be my second. I'm a newbie, and that's the harsh fact.

Thank you man!

Infinity Blad Infinity Blad

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great artwork...

I still don't understand how you can make so many quality animations so fast. This by far is your best work graphic wise... when I saw the art, I'm thinking umm... this doesn't look like yours haha, but it's a large improvement from your previous animations.

I hope to see more great work from you in the near future too :)

Keep it up


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